Philosophy Skin Care - Take a Deep Breath Day Cream

A couple of weeks ago, I was sent some products by philosophy. This was around the time we had a massive weather upheaval here in Perth -- while winter had been cold and dry for the most part, suddenly it was pouring with rain and incredibly windy. I stopped checking the weather forecast after a week because it was just depressing. Fortunately the blue skies have returned now but the effects of the weather change were quite pronounced in our house: we all came down sick and I developed quite a few dry patches on my face and hands. I normally have dry skin and the chilly weather aggravates it usually aggravates it, as does the blistering Summer sun. Illness coupled with university fatigue are not a good look on any of us and we're all slowly recovering. 

Anyway, back to philosophy. I'd heard of their products before but not the Take a Deep Breath range. As it turns out, it's a new one, and so I didn't have many other reviews to go off, which is a scary predicament when you have sensitive dry skin. I don't want a rash on top of all my other stressors! But I began using them and I'm specifically going to talk about the Take a Deep Breath day cream today as it's the one product I've been using consistently since it arrived.

 A quick introduction of the products (from top-left clockwise):
1. Take a Deep Breath day cream
2. Pure Grace fragrance
3. Take a Deep Breath eye cream
4. Take a Deep Breath night cream

So, how did the day cream that is a 'gel cream' fair? As I mentioned that I've been using it for awhile, it's pretty obvious that despite the fragrance, my sensitive skin doesn't react to it at all. I would stop a product from the get-go if it did. The fragrance is light and not overpowering. Importantly, my dry skin drinks it up straight away. I've had so many moisturisers that seem to leave behind a film or sit on top of my skin (looking at you, Bobbi Brown and Swisse). I could wash my face an hour after applying it and nothing would wash away. Everything gets absorbed and so it's perfect to applied under makeup though you would obviously still need a primer. I'm assuming this is all due to the gel-cream consistency of the product.

My skin feels supple and soft after application and my dry patches are slowly disappearing (curse you, Winter!). It's the type of moisturiser you wear that doesn't make you feel like you're wearing anything. I can go the whole day without getting that dry face feeling and I do feel like it has improved the overall texture of my skin in the short while I've used it. I can see myself finishing the tub and possibly buying it again.

Did I find any downsides with the day cream? Well, personally I'm a pump fan. I LOVE glass jars, they're something really luxe and appealing about holding a cool weight in your hand, but for hygiene reasons I would prefer a pump bottle. The plastic lid sort of cheapens the experience a little as well. Overall though, it's hard to fault a product on such inconsequential factors. It works. I'd pay good money for it and will probably restock or try their brightening products when this jar empties.

The Take a Deep Breath eye cream also has the same absorbent factor as the day cream which is a major bonus. I've taken a liking to that as well. Due to the lack of sleep that I've had in the past month, I can't say that I've seen results from it yet. Hopefully once my practicum is over, I'll be a little less stressed and life will stop being so overwhelming that I don't feel like the walking dead. I swear, insomnia plays havoc on my eyes. It hits the evening and my left eye starts twitching like its receiving a telegram.

The Take a Deep Breath night cream hasn't had a proper workout as I've been too exhausted to use it consistently. Again, same light texture and absorbs just as well as the day cream. The Pure Grace fragrance: I'm on the fence about it. I don't consider someone who leans toward certain fragrances. It's light, clean and fresh so it's not a super girly scent which I love but it lacks that wow factor. It comes on a little harsh and then settles into a clean, light scent and is wearable for work or study. I'd compare it to, and favour it over, Calvin Klein's One.

Have you tried any philosophy products before? Let me know your favourites!

*Note: These products were gifted by a PR company but this post is not sponsored. All opinions are entirely my own to share my experience with others. Before I buy a product, I check real honest reviews from other bloggers so I know what I'm getting. This is my chance to give back and contribute to the knowledge base that is the internet.



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