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After a month of not eating during daylight hours followed by two days of gorging on sugar, I needed a good coffee and amazing feed to pick me up and reboot my tastebuds. The plethora of cafes available had to meet certain criteria: child-friendly, quiet, good coffee and appetising food. My search finished when I found The Little Banksia, a quaint, cozy cafe opposite Kensington Primary School.

The eatery is deceptively spacious -- there's ample seating throughout the inner building, outside curbside, and tucked down the side of the building. The renovated sunroom at the front was the perfect spot to warm up with a bite on a chilly, yet bright, winter's day. The tight, quiet, leafy street was no hindrance parking-wise as there was ample parking down the small side streets (mind the clear ways). I knew before I had even sipped my coffee that I'd made a good choice for breakfast.

If you place a menu in front my me, my eyes will automatically scan for pancakes, waffles or French toast. Whatever will satisfy my sweet tooth. I chose the pancakes and a mocha for myself and a cookie for the toddler. Though we sat in the sunroom, I've since read that there is a small play room on the premises.

Coffee and cookie were served promptly. While I didn't get a nibble of the cookie, there were no complaints by the child. My mocha was quite warm and creamy with a distinct bitterness from the chocolate. I prefer a steaming cup but cannot complain considering how long I took taking photos. I enjoyed it immensely.

The buttermilk pancakes with saffron poached pear, vanilla cream, chocolate crumb, candied walnuts and caramel sauce were all kinds of amazing. The pear was perfectly poached and flavoursome. The chocolate crumb was not just for appearances sake -- I need some of this to eat on top of ice cream but it went very well with the vanilla cream and walnuts! One common occurrence I've had with pancakes in Perth is a lack of sauce. By the time I make my way down the stack, my plate is bone dry with a pancake to spare. Perhaps I'm just heavy on the sauce? Fortunately, there was more than enough cream, syrup and rich caramel sauce to make this meal entirely satisfying.

I had originally wanted to sample the gorgeous fig pancakes I'd previously spied on Instagram but I'm assuming the menu changes slightly seasonally. Should they return to the menu, I would gladly make a prompt return to this cozy cafe. The locals in Kensington are blessed to have a warm, welcoming space close by, and I would not hesitate to return again with some friends for brunch.

The Little Banksia
78 Banksia Terrace
Kensington, WA
08 6468 6514

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