Port City Roasters - Fremantle review

Let it be known that Perth weather will almost always fall below my expectations. Winter is simply too wet for me, and summer can be so stinking and sticky that I must peel myself off the furniture. Fortunately, every now and then we’ll get one of those utterly glorious days where the temperature isn’t too hot or cold, the skies are blue and the breeze is light and gentle. Last Tuesday was one of those days. I ventured down to Fremantle for brunch and the winter sky didn’t rain buckets on me or make me shiver.

I arrived at Port City Roasters and managed to snag a parking spot across the street after only one lap around the block. Winning! Parking seems to be a bit congested in this area but not unmanageable. I took a seat out the front while I waited for a friend. While there is seating inside, I didn’t even pop my head in and I’m kicking myself now for not getting any pictures. I’m not one who enjoys trying to contain my toddler in enclosed spaces so alfresco is usually the preferred option. Menus and water were promptly deposited in front of me and when my dining companion appeared, we did a quick table change (it seems to have become a habit of mine) and got down to ordering.

I chose the Tres Leches French Toast and Hanifah opted for the Potato Rosti with Smoked Salmon.

I’ve been following Port City Roasters on Instagram for awhile now – back from when they were still Roasting Warehouse Fremantle. Their French toast is seasonal and has always caught my eye so I knew I couldn’t go wrong. 
Hanifah's latte. Pretty as a picture.
Coffees were served – a latte and mocha. The mocha was hot, smooth and creamy with just a hint of bitterness from the dark chocolate powder. I’ll be back for my standard flat white soon.

Our meals were served without fuss by the friendly staff. I opted for a doughnut for my toddler and it was huge, fresh, fluffy and coated in a thick layer of decadent cinnamon sugar. Heaven. The only picture I have of it contains toddler teeth marks and fingerprints. You won't be seeing that. 

The French Toast with passionfruit labneh, mandarin gel, ginger milk crumb and seasonal fruit was a lovely, decadent breakfast. The toast was coated in cinnamon sugar much like the aforementioned doughnut and the assorted elements on the plate made every bite interesting. The ginger milk crumb was particularly nice. It’s always pleasing when a dish tastes just as amazing as it looks and I was most definitely satisfied with my breakfast.

I had a taste. SO DAMN GOOD.

The pleasant weather and ambiance at Port City Roasters made it an ideal spot for brunch. It’s not a cold, stiff joint that you eat and run from. I sipped my coffee, chatted, relaxed, enjoyed my time and food. The staff were very attentive, polite and helpful. I would certainly return again, if not for the coffee then for the relaxed, comfortable and welcoming vibe.
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