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When it comes to coffee and kids, there is usually a trade off for sanity’s sake. Either a parent risks dragging their brood to the closest vendor for a quick takeaway that may or may not taste like a mixture of dirt and/or bodily fluids or they try to sit down in a nice café that may test their patience or that of their wild ones. Enter Fika on Brix, the perfect compromise for parents who might try to leverage play time for half an hour of warming coffee and welcoming service.

Situated at the new playground/sports and recreation centre in Beckenham, the café is a godsend. I chose it for a Friday outing as had visited Mills Park before they had opened and knew my four year old would love a play on the equipment. I usually abhor the thought of taking more than one child to a coffee date but was willing to swing an exception this time. The café itself is small but still presents more than a decent amount of seating. That said, when I arrived, the long table was reserved and all the small ones were full so I waited outside. On a chilly winter’s day, with no protection from the wind, this was not ideal. But sure enough, a few minutes’ wait and a table soon freed up. If I return to dine-in, I won’t risk the cold and will be sure to reserve a table.

I collected the menus from the counter and waited for my partner in crime, Diary of Ange, so we could order. She chose the scrambled eggs on toast with feta and avocado and I went for the Brioche French Toast with Black Sesame Custard. Two mochas, some cupcakes and hot chips with aioli were also had.

Ange’s eggs looked fine but the paltry amount of feta that arrived left a lot to be desired. If you’re going to charge $4+ for it as a side, make the serving size larger than a chicken nugget.

The Brioche French Toast was dreamy. I’m not much of a black sesame fan, I do enjoy it in savoury foods but I grew up drinking black sesame oil for its health benefits and the strong taste is still embedded into my memory. However, the black sesame custard was delightfully creamy and smooth with a hint of sweetness that complimented the strawberries, crunchy granola and lemon curd. The nutty granola was sweet and flavoursome as well. I lapped up everything on the plate and would absolutely order it again. The toast itself was cooked through, soft and only slightly spongey. The word ‘fresh’ comes to mind.

My mocha was finished promptly, extra points for the swan art on top! I loved it so much, I broke my ‘one cup a day’ rule and ordered another as takeaway. The chips and cupcakes were devoured by kids and adults alike.

One thing I must say about the service was that there was a very lovely woman who waited our table. My son was disappointed that there were no cookies available and she was so friendly and nice to him and promised to make some the next day. Every interaction seemed genuinely kind and hospitable. I love friendly staff, especially people who go out of their way to be nice to small kids. Considering the amount of children who will no doubt pass through this space, Fika have obviously landed a real gem.

I will certainly be returning to Fika on Brix a lot. I happen to be a Southie, so it’s close, the coffee is awesome and the food a welcome match. The option of being able to get my caffeine fix while letting the kids play is so tempting. I wish more parks and rec centres around Perth would take some inspiration from this lovely eatery and up their game.

Fika on Brix
86 Brixton Street
Beckenham, WA 6107
(03) 6369 1213

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