McArthur Natural Products - Skincare experience

I recently attended the Bloggers United Perth event and was received some lovely goodies to try out. Among them was a few McArthurNatural Skincare products, including their Hydrating Facial Cream, Complete Skincare Cream and bar of their Complete Skincare Soap.

I’m a bit all over the place with my skin care routine: on one hand, I prefer all natural ingredients as loading up my skin with chemicals makes me fear that I’ll wind up ageing it faster. On the other, I find some natural products aren’t potent enough to get the job done. I have dry, dermatitis-prone skin and it affects me all year round so whatever products that I use have to be non-irritant and gentle enough not to aggravate my dermatitis, yet strong enough to moisturise and repair at the same time. It’s the ultimate contradiction in skin products and it is a real downer to invest in particular products only to know you’ve now given yourself a $40 rash.

My first impression with the Complete Skincare Cream was that it’s quite thin and silky. My skin does drink it up straight away and it doesn’t sit there able to be washed down the sink. I’ve applied it directly over broken and bleeding skin (read: my current patch of hand dermatitis) and it doesn’t burn or sting or cause it to flare up, which is a real win.  After five days of usage, my hands aren’t healed but they’re definitely softer.

I had an interesting experience with the Hydrating Facial Cream. After applying it to cleansed skin, I was surprised to find that after twenty minutes, if I wiped my face I would rub off what I assume is a layer of dead, gross skin. It was like an exfoliator and moisturiser in one and so I then had to wash off the moisturiser and reapply it. My skin does feel supple but after a few hours, I did start to feel that tight, dried out feeling again. 

The Complete Skincare Soap bar is now sitting in the shower soap dish, as my four year old is a big fan of soap bars and I’m more of a body wash sort of person. He’s quite happy using it, and it hasn’t really deteriorated at all after five days. I can’t really smell any particular scent off it after he uses it so it should be fine for those worrying about the dreaded conflict with their perfume of choice. It’s gentle on his skin which is a must for anything that I use on my children.

I’m glad these are skin products that I can actually use, which any dermatitis sufferer can attest to. It’s a hard slog trying to care for your skin when it hates you. I’ll be adding the facial cream to my regular rotation of products as it seems to lift off a lot of unwanted nasties from my skin as well as improving the texture, and I’ll be sharing the body cream with my kids as I love using gentle products on my little people. When I was writing this review, I noticed quite a few products for sensitive skin on the McArthurs Natural Products website and, as these particular products aren't marketed for sensitive skin, I'll just remind anyone reading this to always do a patch test and/or opt for a more sensitive product if they're especially concerned about potential irritants.



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