Isle of Voyage - Elizabeth Quay

When I first visited Elizabeth Quay earlier in the year, I did wonder what the little building next to the playground would become. A souvenir shop? Information kiosk? Lo and behold, instead my prayers were answered with a kid-friendly and blooming gorgeous café. I ventured there on Friday hoping to kill a few hours with my kids as they enjoyed the last weekday of their school holdays (and I silently counted down the minutes until they returned to school so I could return to my own piled up masses of work).

As we waited to be seated, I oggled the selection of pastries and cakes. For a sugarphile like myself, it was heaven. Perfection. Meringues the size of your palms, people! The interior seating is so aesthetically pleasing as well that I almost opted to dine inside. But I had three children with me. My three children. And I know them well enough that large open spaces work better with their not so little voices and explorative temperaments. I remember that the last time I took them all to a nice place for breakfast was in the middle of winter and we sat outside too, clad in our thick woolly jackets, because while they’re lovely children, I become very anxious at the thought of disturbing other patrons.

The wait staff seated us and were incredibly patient as we table hopped until we found a comfortable spot. We were left with menus and kids colouring activities which, when turned over, are actually kid menus. There is only one size for coffee to dine-in unfortunately. That sentence saddens me so much. I ordered a flat white and babychinos for the kids and then proceeded to juggle my 9 month old who suddenly decided that my sitting down was some form of undignified behaviour that he had to correct immediately.

As Miss 6 opted for pancakes, which are my usual go-to, I settled for the Cranberry and Coconut Granola with lemon yoghurt, rhubarb, apple and an assortment of other fruits. Coffee was served with minimal wait and it was smooth and warm, just the way I like it. I just wish it had arrived in a bigger size but we can’t have everything, can we?

There are a lot of words that I can use to describe that granola and they’re all positive. Filling but not heavy; bursting with flavour but not overpowering. Tasty. Crunchy. Tangy. Miss 6 wasn’t keen to try the rhubarb on her pancakes so she popped it onto my granola; perhaps it was the reason why I felt so stuffed or maybe it’s just that filling on its own, but I couldn’t eat another bite of anything until dinner that day. Satisfying is an understatement.

We sat dining, looking out to the water and the goings on in the Quay. It was a serene meal, even with my brood itching to get to the kids playground. My next trip could include anything off the menu but I know I have to try something from their range of cakes and pastries inside. The staff are friendly and attentive, especially to parents, and the view and ambiance can’t be beat for coffee or brunch. There are few places in Perth that provide an experience akin to dining at Isle of Voyage and I’m so especially glad that we paid a visit. 
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