Sprolo - South Perth

The name alone has a magical feel to it. Like Narnia or Hogwarts. Hearing it is like an invitation to another world. In my world, I try to avoid visiting any eatery if I have to take more than one child with me. Not that I don’t love to spend time with my children but when I go out to enjoy a meal, I don’t want the stress of having to ensure that everyone is fed and entertained without disturbing other diners. 

Sprolo is one of those places in Perth that understands even mothers need to eat, and those five minutes of heaven sipping a coffee while your child is free to move about is great incentive to return time and time again.

I’ve visited Sprolo a few times and the service has always been pleasant. The coffee is always a delight, regardless of what you order, it will be worth it. What can I say? Blacklist Coffee Roasters. You can rarely go wrong. It's on the window. I ordered a latte this time and was entirely satisfied. Probably could’ve gone for another considering how tired I was.

My most recent visit yesterday was to try out their Chocolate Cherry and Raspberry Waffles and to escape my house after two weeks of moving hell. I was surprised they now have a kid’s menu but chose not to order off it simply because my three year old is a cake eater. My waffles were lovely, soft and filling with a real chocolatey taste. I hate when I try a chocolate food and it looks the part but doesn't have that beautiful cocoa melt in your mouth moment. So glad that wasn't case. The cherry and raspberry semifreddo kept its chill long enough and held the stack together proudly. It was not overly sweet and went down well with all the other elements dotting the plate. I can always go for more raspberry coulis though. Always. I mopped up every last smudge that I could, it was very satisfying.

Sprolo, I love you. I’ll be back. Expect it.



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