Little Matcha Girl

If there's one thing to be said about Little Matcha Girl, it's that it's definitely a very pretty space. Walking into the little shop on Preston Street, it's quite a sight to see such an aesthetically pleasing and inviting space during your lunch break. The leaf strewn streets give way to a warm and cozy hideaway to eat some pastries and sip your coffee away from the winter chill.

I had seen Little Matcha Girl pop up on my Instagram a few too many times so I knew I had to pay a visit soon. On entry I was greeted by some communal dining tables, soft music playing in the background and a smiling face ready to take my order. I took a glance at the menu but it seemed a bit sparse and so I ogled the pastries in the display cabinet for awhile and settled on a trio profiterole and small mocha.

I chose to sit outside despite the cold, just because it was so pretty. There isn't much people watching as most of the action is down the other end of the street, closer to Jersey Jack Gelato, Nasi Lemak Korner and the local shops. It's a lovely quiet space and as I was on my own, I did get to enjoy some silence.

I waited only five minutes at most before receiving my order. The profiterole trio was a gamble for me. I'm not familiar with red bean or matcha so I did not know what expect upon tasting them. Surprisingly enough, I did enjoy the red bean custard and the matcha was interesting. I've eaten raw black sesame seeds for most of my life so I know it can be quite overpowering and I was hoping there would some inventive twist to it... but there wasn't. Overall, the small pastry itself was a bit of a disappointment – I was hoping for something more at $9 a pop.

They use Blacklist Coffee at Little Matcha Girl so I was hoping for a good dose of caffeine. Had I ordered my regular flat white, I would probably have been satisfied. Though my mocha was warm and tasted great, it barely had a hint of chocolate to taste. I did question myself if the only chocolate in it was the sprinkle on top. A good mocha has melted chocolate – it's the law. Lovely cup of coffee but it didn't taste the part.

Little Matcha Girl is one of those pretty places. Pretty outside, pretty inside but there's not all that much to offer. It would be great if they could expand their menu a bit though I understand that their niche is obviously matcha tea and something small to accompany it. With ample parking around and excellent service, I would go back if I were in the area, just to nurse a coffee though or give their soufflé cheesecake a go. Perhaps that would be more palatable for this intrepid sweet eater.
Or I could go for this Yuzu Cheesecake. So damn pretty.



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