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My seven year old daughter went on an excursion this week to the Perth Mint. In the back of my head, I planned to sit out the front of Duotone and wave to her as she and her classmates walked in. My short daytime fantasy aside, I did want to return but unfortunately haven't found the time. For now, I'll just sit back and scroll through the photos from my most recent visit.

Duotone is tucked away in East Perth. Directly opposite the Mint, it's small shop with a gorgeous interior (that, unfortunately, I did not photograph) and efficient staff. There are a few small tables inside and out, and one large table for communal dining, which is where I sat with some friends and a few strangers too. Unfortunately, I could barely hear any of the conversation as the music was pumped up way too loud. There is a cabinet of bagels and wraps plus other healthy, raw and protein rich items.

Though I've seen countless posts of pretty looking toast on Instagram, I assumed they must have changed the menu recently because there was none of the sort listed. Instead, I opted for the Baked Eggs with a Peanut Butter and Jelly Smoothie on the side.

The baked eggs were superb. They were soft but not runny; smooth, flavoursome and worked beautifully with the tomato sauce. It was a bit like a tiny shakshuka but without the capsicum. I'm not usually a fan of za'tar (middle eastern thyme mix) but it worked well on the bread and blended seamlessly into the eggs and I survived the spicy harissa. I usually like to sample a different meal each time I revisit an eatery but I would return just for the eggs.

The Peanut Butter and Jelly Smoothie. There's a lot I could say about this one. In the past year I've developed a serious love for peanut butter so when I saw this on the menu, I had to try it. Peanut butter AND almond milk? No, it wasn't the gross amount of protein that they've added to it that drew me in – it was the nuts.

The PB&J Smoothie was super thick, cold and non-icey, which is just the way a smoothie should be. It tasted peanutty! As an added bonus, it was super filling and though I drank it for lunch at midday, I was still full by dinner time and ate nothing that evening. The only part I didn't really take to was the date jam. Though the fresh, raw dates balanced out the smooth, slightly sweet nutty milk it was definitely not my sort of thing and I found myself drinking around it.

I'll be back to Duotone soon; their sweet potato stack has my name written all over it and I have yet to try their coffee. The only thing I might do next time though is come alone. If the music at your business is so loud that I have to raise my voice when ordering then it needs to be turned down a notch. But overall, it was a very satisfying meal: the first of many, I hope.
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