Mrs S Highgate - Sour Cream Cake

If only every morning looked like cake.. I mean this.

Whenever I go out, I begin mapping in my head all the other places around me that I can visit in the hope that, one day, I can tick them off my bucket list. Living south of the river, most of the decent coffee places in Perth are a good half an hour's drive (or more) for me. When I drove past Mrs S on my recent trip to Highgate, my eyes locked on their pretty signage. I was already in love. Fortunately, there's always room for cake so, after visiting Mary Street Bakery, my friend and I ducked in for a bite.

I haven't had sour cream cake in years. My mother-in-law used to make a similar one with a light butter cake on the bottom and a fluffy, creamy sour cream layer on the top. She would make trays of it and there would be nothing left over by the end of the day. Sadly, I lost the recipe years ago, but seeing the words 'Sour Cream Cake' on a little placard in the display window... I was taken back. This cake was so much richer, the sour cream was thick and dense but not gluggy or overly sweet. I would love to say I'd have had a second but it was very rich and satisfying. How anyone would be able to by pass this gorgeous cake is beyond me. We complimented them with a coffee and a chai latte. It was such an treat on cold, rainy day.

To be honest, the presentation of all their baked goods is just awe inspiring to a home baker like myself. My next trip to Mrs S will involve something off their menu. It's such a cosy, welcoming space with ample seating and all the staff were very friendly (we had at least three say good bye on our way out).

Have you ever been to Mrs S? What would you recommend from their menu?
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