Saturdays and La Belle Sweets Patisserie Lathlain

So today didn't happen. All my plans, my good vibes, they just melted away by noon. The weird shower-sun-shower weather didn't help. Have you ever had one of those days where you know what you want to do and how you want to do it but you can tell from the moment you wake up that it's going to take some serious effort to do anything? We were planning on heading to the REmida Mother's Day workshop in West Perth but alas, we spent today at home and I'll just have to reflect on last Saturday's little outing.

Last Saturday was pretty similar but by we had some sunshine so by the afternoon we managed to haul ourselves out to Tomato Lake in Kewdale. On the way, I figured we needed something to chew on so we took a little detour and headed to La Belle Sweets in Lathlain. The shop is tucked away in suburbia, which was nice because it meant not dealing with crowds when you're trying to keep three excited children in check with a baby strapped to your chest. Yes, Saturdays require a lot of effort to stay sane. That's why we needed pastries.

There are a few tables outside and one inside where they have a very pretty coffee machine but we obviously weren't planning on staying. It's a small shop but definitely worth a visit if you're in the area. The kids and I made our choices, then had to remake them after a rather rude woman walked in after us but quickly stepped forward to be served before us, taking the items we'd selected even though Miss 9 and 6 had been publicly fawning over them for the good two minutes we'd been waiting in line. Not wanting to make a scene, I kept quiet but it was really off putting.

What a gorgeous sight to behold. Huzzah!

With our choice of tarts gone, we went for some cruffins (croissant/muffin hybrids) and a pastry to enjoy at the park. The Chocolate Cruffin was my daughter's choice and the stand out of the bunch. Topped with a thick, dark chocolate topping and filled inside with a creamy, smooth chocolate mousse, we both agreed it was heavenly and she refused to let me have more than one bite.

I did not share this.
The Strawberry Cruffin was mine and the smooth custard filling was everything I had hoped it would be. Not too thick, not to light, it went down well.

The Raspberry Cream Cheese Cruffin was my six year old's choice and, having sampled the cream only, it was alright. The cruffin pastry was light, buttery and flaky but held together well. It's tasty without filling either way.

The victim of fowl play.

My son seemed to enjoy his Strawberry and Raspberry Danish but I didn't get a lick of it. He put it down next to me on the bench and it was promptly snapped up by an ibis. He was quite upset but his sister was kind enough to share her Raspberry Cruffin and he was satisfied with that for a minute before taking off to play again.

Just to cap off the day, we wound up leaving the park after half an hour when I discovered a few ticks crawling on me. One even made its way onto the baby sling so I knew we had to go. Just a warning to everyone to be careful and be on the lookout, I'd heard about ticks being present at Whiteman Park due to the kangaroos there but had never seen them at Tomato Lake before. We were seated near the play equipment and hadn't gone off walking anywhere.

On reflection, Saturday really isn't our day, is it? I think we'll just start saving our energy for Sundays, when the coffee always seems stronger and the panic sets in that we must do something -- anything -- before Monday strikes and everything falls back into routine.

So how do you spend your Saturdays? Hit me up with some inspiration!

La Belle Sweets Patisserie
25b Gallipoli St, Lathlain, WA 6100



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