Mary St Bakery, Highgate - Coffee and Doughnut Sandwich

When I began committing to the idea of writing a blog, I imagined the first ten posts would be an abundance of beautifully photographed recipes from my daily life. Unfortunately, sometimes I have the propensity to be a dissatisfied and unfocused cow so my first post will be detailing an outing.

The colder Perth weather decided to roll in on the first day of the new school term which meant it was the perfect occasion for a hot coffee and something sweet to chase away the nightmare that was the past two weeks. If you live in Perth, love your carbs and have Instagram then you've heard of Mary Street Bakery. I spent the lead up to ANZAC Day eyeing their ANZAC doughnut. So a friend and I decided to take it off the to-do list and visit.

There was ample parking close by and I scored the last open table. It was a sign that today would be a good day. I wasn't expecting table service but if you're going for breakfast then you'll be pleasantly surprised. Within minutes I had my flat white in hand.

Such a pretty cup.

Large coffees are served in take-away cups with a fifty cent surcharge. I found that odd but fair's fair when the cup looks this pretty and the coffee tastes like coffee should. I believe they use Pound Coffee. In hindsight, I should've waited to have it along side my breakfast but we live and learn.

Above the service counter is the actual bakery section, where you can buy freshly baked loaves of bread, pies, doughnuts and pastries. It was quite crowded and the space is fairly small so, when I went for a peek, I put off buying that elusive doughnut. I'm still kicking myself.


We had to wait a bit to catch the eye of the wait staff but they were very friendly. I ordered the Doughnut Sandwich with Miso Ice-cream and Black Rice Clusters. I keep craving savoury but every time I go out, I always load up on sugar. Having never tried miso or black rice before and was a little worried with what I was setting myself up for. But with the words 'doughnut', 'sandwich', and 'ice-cream' all in one sentence, you buy the damn thing anyway because when have both those things ever led you wrong?

Was it good? Hell yes. Was it great? Once was enough. The doughnut was a lovely; sugary and bready all at once, it was perfect for mopping up ice-cream and caramel sauce. This was my first experience with miso and it didn't strike me as odd. Until I dug into it on it's own, I actually though it was akin to caramel because it blended in so well with the sauce. The black rice clusters were perfect alongside the tart dehydrated raspberries. All in all, it was a real treat for a cold Tuesday morning.

Will I be going back to Mary Street Bakery? Yes, definitely. Highgate is full of wonderful, pretty places and I'm not done with this one yet. The atmosphere inside is a mixture of relaxation and bustle. People wait for tables to open up, there are prams here or there, the odd person with a newspaper and girlfriends settling in for a chat. The coffee, food and ambience were worth the drive.

Have you given Mary Street Bakery a try yet? What else on their menu will make my taste buds tingle? Let me know!

Mary St Bakery
507 Beaufort St, Highgate, Western Australia
Open Monday to Sunday 7am - 4pm

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