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On a mission to eat and explore, coffee in hand...

The Coffee Devotee is a blog dedicated to all the things I enjoy because of my morning coffee. It's a catalogue of experiences and ideas which will almost always involve coffee or food (or both!).

About the Author

Ruqayyah (RUH-kay-yah). Don't try to pronounce it (because you will fail).

I'm an Australian-born, ethnically diverse 28 year old based in Perth, Western Australia.

I'm an avid amateur baker, reluctant cook, once upon a time traveller and frazzled mum of four; addicted to food in the best of ways, I hope to fill this little corner of the internet with all the great and not-so-lovely experiences I have in life.

These experiences can range from the recipes that I use, to the places I eat at, to the random thoughts passing through my head and, sometimes, the other great things I get up to after I've had my daily dose of caffeine.

I need coffee. Every day. Though I'm not  a coffee expert, my love for the bean is constant.

Why start  a blog though? To be honest, I really wanted a platform that would inspire me to visit different places, try new things and reflect on life. This blog is an extension of my Instagram account, containing all the details that I can't squish into a caption. Things to know about me? I'm terribly awkward, consistently tardy, a klutz, an optimist, a sugar addict, constantly exhausted and almost always open to trying new experiences (unless they involve getting undressed or people touching my feet).

Need to get into contact? Email me at coffeedevotee.blog@gmail.com or send a direct message on Instagram



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